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I’m Deepak!

My Story

You know Deepak as an Entrepreneur, Creator, and Speaker. Now get to know his entire story.

I was born in a very small town called ‘Nokha’ in Rajasthan, India. When I was a year-old, my family moved to Calcutta, and ever since, I have been a local boy here. I went to Don Bosco School, Park Circus for my schooling years. Being an average student and an introvert all my life, I did not even have the courage to raise my hand to either ask a question or answer one. When I used to see my classmates answer questions confidently, I used to feel a little inferior. Cut short to the XIth standard, the only thought I had was “enough is enough, I have to do something abut this”.

something about this”.

Like 99% of the people, I had a fear of public speaking so I decided to fight it. In school, I got an opportunity to host a Patriotic Song Competition. Needless to say, since I was doing something like this for the first time, I was nervous and I screwed up the entire event in front of a thousand students. Now that was my first public speaking experience. Moral of the story?

In order to fight the fear, you need to face it. Simple!

After the first gig, I kept on participating in school/college events and kept speaking at local events. Now when I look back at these events (even though I have embarrassed myself), I feel one thing is more important than anything else and that, is the START! Now, I feel privileged to have spoken at TEDx, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIM Calcutta, FMS Delhi, SRCC, NMIMS, AIESEC Youth Speak Forum, and more such schools and colleges across the country.

After getting done with school, I went ahead and pursued my Bachelors from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta. Now if you happen to be from Calcutta or know anything about the city, you’d know that if you’re a commerce student, one of the hot career choices happens to be CA + B.Com and needless to say, I chose that option too. No pressure, right? Haha, that’s what you’d assume. Fortunately or unfortunately (I don’t know), I cleared the foundation (CPT then) exam. When I gave the intermediate (IPCC then) exams, I cleared the first Group but flunked the second Group multiple times, which is when I decided that this is not something I want to do anymore. I used to feel pathetic doing something I didn’t feel strongly about and as a result, I used to be locked in my room watching YouTube videos. Sadly, my parents used to think I’m busy studying for my CA exams *sorry mummy papa*. Hold this thought for a while.

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At 19, when I was in my second year of graduation, I started my own venture called ‘Career Keeda’ where the idea was to impart profession-specific practical training and provide skill development courses. The larger vision was to revolutionize the Indian Education System. At 22, I finally mustered up the courage to make a YouTube channel and start making videos. I used to attend family functions where the conversation between me and my relatives would be something like this.

Random Uncle

aur beta, kya kar rahe ho aajkal?


uncle, I’m a social media influencer!

Random Uncle

beta woh sab toh theek hai, lekin karte kya ho?

At 24, I started working on a new venture called ‘Iceberg Creations’ where we forayed into Media Production and Filmmaking. Our first film is called ‘Akorik’ spearheaded by Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta and actor Victor Banerjee. The vision with Iceberg Creations is to make gripping movies, both with a social message as well as the ones full of entertainment.

Apart from this, I am super passionate about cricket and as a result, I have played professionally under the Cricket Association of Bengal. Even if it’s a Test Match, you’ll find me glued to the TV screen.

The belief in one is simple:

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know just what you’re worth!”
So, let’s have a little self-belief and conquer the world! 🚀
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